FACE MASKS: Please allow up to 5 days for your mask to be made.
FACE MASKS: Please allow up to 5 days for your mask to be made.
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About Us

Hi! I'm Erin :)

I love quality print fabrics and practical but fashionable designs.

Brave Handmade has come about for the love of both of these things and the want to share something creative with the world.

Using only premium quality fabrics and Aussie designer sewing patterns Brave Handmade will make sure you own a quality piece of clothing or underwear that makes you feel fabulous look good and give you a sense of individuality.

As there is a focus on individuality and uniqueness the fabrics are always changing. I only order small amounts of fabric, enough to make one or two size ranges and then it's usally gone.

Brave Handmade is by me in my at home studio in Melbourne, Australia between juggling two toddlers and everything else that comes with the busy lifestyle these 2 bring.

If you see a style that you like but not in your size, feel free to try your luck by emailing me at hello@bravehandmade.com to see if I have any fabric left. You just never know if there might be a little bit left for you hiding in my stash.

All ladies and girls dresses are an original design from Tassie pattern makers Sew Knit Love. All Sew Knit Love patterns can be found here – https://www.sewknitlove.co/

The ladies full briefs sewing pattern is courtesy of www.stitchuponatime.com

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