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Orders placed between 20th - 26th of January will be sent out on the 27th of January
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Vlisco Java Tron Shirt - Guest Blogger Shelley @lightningmcstitch

Let’s imagine Jeff Bridges walks off the set of the 1982 movie Tron, heads back to his trailer to relax, and puts on a Hawaiian style shirt…
Hi Brave Fabric followers, Shelley here. I go by the sewing alias of Lightning McStitch (Instagram link @lightningmcstitch) and blog about my sewing at Bartacks and Singletrack. Usually I sew for my kids and increasingly for myself, but for ages I’d been wanting to make my husband a new, loud shirt. One to replace his traditional, hibiscus print Hawaiian shirt that would come out every year for Christmas lunch and that we were all getting way too familiar with.
Can you believe I was searching for the right fabric for almost a year? I knew I wanted a dark background, and wanted something other than a floral print. When I could find a print I liked, invariably the cloth was a quilting cotton and I would lose interest. But conversely, it seemed that all the lovely quality cottons were too floral or feminine… Then Erin posted a photo of this Vlisco Java on Instagram and I knew I’d found the perfect fabric.
I wasn’t brave enough to buy the fabric without the bloke’s pre-approval. But when I showed him a photo of the fabric and said the magic word: Tron, he was sold!
The colours of the fabric are so vibrant and it really does look like it glows! I prewashed the cloth before cutting and it’s had a few washes since, but still looks every bit as electric.
I hadn’t sewn with a Vlisco wax print before and I was delighted with the quality. The fineness of the weave is similar to a high end lawn, while the hand is more substantial. Initially it felt a little waxy and stiff, but after a wash or two it’s softening up just perfectly. As an aside, how great is the web shop image accompanying each Vlisco fabric showing the fabric as a shift dress on a model? Such a good way to get an idea of the scale of a print.
Maybe I need a shift dress as loud as his shirt for next year’s Christmas lunch….
The non-disclaimer bit: I was happy to write this blog post for Erin when she asked me to after seeing my finished shirt. I purchased the fabric at the normal price from Brave Fabrics and my opinions are, as always, entirely my own and not for sale.

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