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Orders placed between 20th - 26th of January will be sent out on the 27th of January
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Thread Faction SS2016 Blog Tour!

Pattern:  Thread Faction #108 Dress and Peplum top variation / #103 Shorts
Fabric: Main Body – 95% Cotton 5% Spandex Knit – Art Gallery Fabrics - Triangle Brush Tempura by Sew Caroline – Chalk and Paint Collection
I was approached by Liz from Thread Faction a couple of months ago to sponsor her Thread Faction SS16 Blog Tour / Pattern Release. I agreed with Liz that I thought her patterns would like great in the knits I offer so was happy to offer FREE SHIPPING using the code THREADFACTION for the duration of the tour! If you check out her blog she has some great prizes and discounts on offer so make sure you’re in it to win it. Click on the link to enter: Thread Faction discount codes, prizes & giveaways
I am also offering the chance to win a PDF version of Thread Factions #108 Dress & Peplum Top Pattern. Enter via the entry form below. The winner will be drawn and announced 3 June 2016!
These patterns are awesome and so easy to sew up. I started with just making the dress and found that if I was smart with the fabric I could also fit in the peplum top variation of the dress and the shorts too!
The dress was heaps of fun to make as were the short and peplum top. I just folded the fabric as wide as widest pattern piece and just kept on doing that and ended up with 3 size 3 summer pieces for my little daughter. I also have a little left over to make a couple of scrunchies as well! I cut a metre of the fabric, the width is 152.0cm
The patterns are really simple to follow and Liz (from Thread Faction) makes sure you get the right fit by including beginner friendly pattern alteration instructions. There is also an information sheet for anyone that is unfamiliar with sewing with knits.
The dress I made in a night after kids had gone to bed so my daughter will have her wardrobe sorted for when the warmer months return. This dress looks super awesome though with a pair of tights, boots and a cardi it is also a good all rounder.  I have a serger so it was super quick and I love the professional finish it gives and used a zig-zag stitch for the hem and armhole.
The only part I am unhappy with the dress is entirely my fault. I made a self neck binding as it was really hard to colour match the fabric. But if you could find some ribbing that matched one of the colours from the triangle pattern I think it would look super cute as well. Any way I used the serger to join my neck band together by I did it the wrong way so the thread is exposed when the dress is off. I was so tempted to change it but I had already sewn it in to the neck line and figured you can’t see it when it’s on, so left it. I have got my daughter to try it on a couple of times so I could take photos of her for this cool little tour and she literally won’t take it off! So to avoid the tantrum she keeps it on all day regardless of the weather conditions. It also looks super cute with the #103 shorts underneath.
The peplum top, just as the dress was easy to make. I cut the pieces for the peplum and the shorts one night and then sewed them up the next night. I even got the neck line right on the peplum and increased the band of the neck binding by 2cm so was a little wider than the dress as well.
This top is a winner!! It is so cute on and I can see myself making a heap of these. Even though it’s a super simple top to make I love the peplum as it is something a little different to the generic basic tee.  I am going to work on a long sleeve version of this pattern for the cooler months once I get over the next couple of projects I have lined up (as long as they don’t take too long and it’s summer before the time I get to it, which is highly likely but hope doesn’t happen!)
The shorts....so damn good! They don’t take long to whip up and they are an awesome fit. The length is great, short enough to wear under a dress, but long enough to not look like knickers when worn with a top. Super happy with these, I don’t even know what to write about them they are just awesome...so again my little 2.5yr old tried on the shorts and the peplum top together and would not take them off. Well, until she had an accident in the shorts as we are going through toilet training at the moment. She looks super adorable in them and is definitely my new favourite out fit of hers, it’s a shame we have to wait for the warmer months for her to show it off! Anyway, she was in a super funny mood when I was taking the photo’s of the shorts and the peplum top and although it sort of looks like she has some kind of coordination and maybe even a little grace...NO...it was the best rendition of out of time, uncoordinated dancing I have ever witnessed, I was literally crying from laughing. Anyway, enough about her and let’s get back to what we are all here to read about!
In short these patterns by Thread Faction are awesome, simple and easy to sew. Great for beginner sewers and beyond, the detailed instructions plus the info on getting the right fit and knits are great little extras as well . She really does go above and beyond so that her patterns work for you and your little ones. The no frills but current fashion styles are so good and will take your kids through their years no worries. Thanks Liz of Thread Faction for giving me the opportunity to review your patterns, it was an absolute pleasure!!!
Also check out the other bloggers on the tour for more pattern reviews and hacks!

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