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Orders placed between 20th - 26th of January will be sent out on the 27th of January
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Sewing & Bizarre Dreams = Awesome Kids Culottes

Pattern: Megan Nielsen Patterns – MN4203//Mini Tania Culottes
Fabric: 100% Premium Cotton Voile. Art Gallery Fabrics, Mojave Illuminated by Leah Duncan (Tule Collection)
The first night I start this I trace out the pattern. As my little one in only 2 and a half and the pattern goes up to 12 years so I think I’ll be using this one more than once! So I trace out the pattern and lay down the fabric and pin the pattern pieces to it. I’m knackered so I go to bed. I have the weirdest dreams all night that I take the pattern pieces off and my beautiful soft voile has turned into the same hand feel as the tracing paper pattern pieces. I keep picking them up and scrunching them and they keep making rustling paper noises...it’s very weird... Anyway...I’m weird...the next morning I run down stairs and check that everything is as I left it before my bizarre dreams....it is...of course, so I proceed to cut out the pattern pieces. I luckily have half a day off the kids so I start sewing.
They don’t take long to whip up at all. I think I spent 3 hours on them, so if you were an experienced seamstress, it would probably take you less time. I made the size 2-3 in version 1 and they fit my 2 and a halfa perfectly and will still be good for next summer.
They come in 2 other lengths, knee length and midi length which would be good in a slightly heavier fabric for the cooler months, or in a lightweight fabric for super cute summer flowing culottes. If you are a bit snazzy at pattern making, I think both of these lengths for the older sizes would be good with pockets.
Everything about the pattern is pretty straight forward. I find it a bit fiddly hemming as I’m not used to working on the bias but it is totally worth it especially when you are “in the sewing zone” as the end result is really neat  and nice and makes me want to make a million circle skirts!
No issues with this pattern except my own personal ones...like the dream, running out of bobbin thread on the last hem and burning my fingers with the steam of my iron...yep I’m an idiot! Definitely will be using this pattern many more times though, a good half day project with a super cute end result.
And the cutest thing is when my little girl tried them on she said “Ohhhh I like my ballerina shorts”
Culottes are now known as Ballerina Shorts in our house.

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