Orders placed between 20th - 26th of January will be sent out on the 27th of January
Orders placed between 20th - 26th of January will be sent out on the 27th of January
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I'm a bit rusty to say the least!

Pattern: Megan Nielsen Patterns – MN2303//Briar
Fabric: Knit  95% Cotton, 5% Spandex. Art Gallery Fabrics, Painting Morale by April Rhodes (Bound Collection)
After over a year of no sewing (except for the occasional bib as a present) I decided to try out my products (the perfect excuse to get back onto the sewing horse). The aim is to choose a pattern and fabric from the website each month and write a little blog about my experience.  These stories are no way a reflection on the patterns or the fabric but just what happened to me when I try to sew....
I decided to try out the Megan Nielsen Briar Tee pattern version 3 (short sleeve & full length). This pattern calls for all fabrics stretchy so I chose the beautiful and soft Art Gallery Fabrics Knit – Painting Morale.
So the first silly thing I did was thought I remembered how to sew....I’d say back in the day I used to be expert...now...definitely beginner so I was glad I chose this pattern.
Secondly I started sewing this pattern at 9.30pm after a glass of wine....hmmm....
...This pattern is super simple and the instructions and graphics are easy to read with not many steps to follow, so you wonder how I could stuff so much up. Firstly, there is a option to use an overlocker for most things...although lucky enough to have an overlocker I have never used it to complete a whole garment so I think what the hell, lets give it a crack! Bah Bow...so this means I am cutting off all my seam allowance so there no real room for major mistakes...
First thing I need to sew - the shoulder seams...hmmm why don’t they match up..? I still don’t know why they didn’t but I unpick and try again skimming the edges of the fabric so the overlocker doesn’t cut off any more fabric. Success they match....WTF! I’ll put it down to just one of those weird sewing mishaps and move on.
Ok, the neck band is next, there are two options for neck band – binding and band...I opt for band or do I..mu ha ha ha the sewing gods are at it again!! I pin and sew the neckband on and look at it and look at it and in my 10.30pm haze it’s looking rather gapey and weird. Try it on, see how it fits...hmm what have I done now...
Oh good, in all my pattern cutting out glory and excitement I have picked up and cut out the wrong pattern piece...unpick again...luckily the neckband I wanted to use is slimmer than the binding neckband...so I cut to make it the correct width and resew AGAIN skimming the edges so not to ruin the seam allowance. Success...and looking good...although I am having trouble seeing the good when all I can see is an hour or so of unpicking overlocking stitch. I think it’s time to put the half made garment down and try again when refreshed.
Determined to finish this top I try again the next day while the kids are both having a nap! Match up and sew the side seams... Success! I am on a roll! Now for the hemming...my son wakes up...sigh....
Okay, the kids are in bed and quiet, lets get these hems done.
The hems are easy and simple. The pattern instructions say to do zig-zag stitch for the hems but as I have a patterned knit and the thread will be quite visible I choose to overlock the edges and hem up using a straight stitch instead.
I try it on....wow after all the initial trouble I think I’ve pulled it off!
Thank you Megan Nielsen patterns for having great easy to understand instructions and pictures, you made coming back to sewing a pleasure after all my ups and downs in the end I think the finished product was worth it 

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