Orders placed between 20th - 26th of January will be sent out on the 27th of January
Orders placed between 20th - 26th of January will be sent out on the 27th of January
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Building Sewing Confidence with Darling Ranges & AGF Denim

I had put making this dress off for about a month knowing damn well that all I had to do is dive in and everything would be alright. I hadn’t done button holes or a placket for over 5 years, so procrastination was winning with a fear of stuffing it up on this awesome denim. I knew I would be stealing a bit of this fabric when I ordered it for the shop because I loved it so much! With the likes of Rachel - House of Pinheiro choosing the same fabric to promote her new pattern The Elaine Woven Jumpsuit (see it here) I knew it would be a winner and I actually sold out in just over a week!  Fret not though blog readers we have more in stock!
Starting this was the hardest part but only because I was scared! Once I had got going on it, it was really easy to keep pace.
Sewing the body together with the pockets was very easy, setting in the sleeves was a drainer for me, I ended up trying to set them in 3 times before I had success. I know common practice is to sew a long stitch so you can gather the ease evenly but this just wasn’t working for me as it kept on puckering at the top of the sleeve. I went back to what I was used to, which is to use a million pins to gather the ease and then sew really slowly taking out the pins and this worked on the third try.
The bias facing was little confusing so after much deliberation I went with my gut, the pattern explains to fold the bias in half but I was sure this would leave a raw edge on my inside placket. Folding either raw edge inside approx 1.0cm to make the bias binding was correct and then folding that in half to create the bias binding.
This sounds all a little confusing and it was at the time. But reading the pattern instructions again, Megan Nielsen also does not leave a stone unturned, referencing her bias binding tutorial on her website if you are stuck on this step! Why didn’t I go to the tutorial at the time...derrrrr!
Crisis averted, so onto the next step attaching the binding. Following the instructions carefully, taking my time and sewing carefully made this step easy, hemming was a breeze so up to the button holes hey...
I was so scared I was going to stuff this up, I made sure I had the right spacing and that I wasn’t leaving a big gaping bit where my bust is! Taking my time with the button placement and then realising I have a button hole stitch on my sewing machine made all the difference. Practising the button hole stitch on a scrap piece of fabric first also paid off. So off I went sewing my button holes and I didn’t stuff one up. When it came to opening the holes I had read a tutorial with a great bit of advice. Putting a sewing pin at the end point of your button hole and using your quick unpick to tear the button hole open stopping at the pin! Genius!
All in all amazing this is a great pattern and amazing fabric. Together they are a match made in heaven, so much so that my bestie snapped up some of the same fabric and pattern and made the same dress!
The fit is comfy, relaxed and nearly perfect; the only thing I would change is that the bust is a little tight. When I make another one of these I will be adding maybe 0.5cm to 1.0cm max to the bust. I thought this was because I have a biggish bust, but when I spoke to my mate who had made the same dress and she has a smallish bust and she had said the same thing.
So, great pattern, I can’t wait to make another one now I have my sewing button and placket confidence rocking! Great fabric too – so easy to sew and can’t wait to steal some from the shop in another style to make something else. Whoop! Megan Nielsen Patterns and Art Gallery Fabrics denim...you’re alright in my book ;)

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